Mona Aulakh

I started my career as an Administrative Assistant and became everyone’s favorite in the office very soon. One of the senior Loan Processor at the time compelled me to start my loan processing career and I have never looked back. This is what I have been dong for the past 13 years.

I am a happily married wife and mom to three beautiful children, son 19 years and two daughters aged four and one. I enjoy collecting shoes and matching them to my clothes everyday.

My passion is to help all my loan agents from structuring to closing their loans successfully. I am always available to help and support all agents on any loan questions that they might have. I oversee that your loans are all completed in a timely manner by trying to reduce your stress and advising you on how to submit the paperwork to lenders in an accurate manner.

I like to call Ruby Waraich as my Dida, Rana Atwal as my Big Brother and Carol Bridges as Moto.